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Embedding workbooks into other Office documents
To identify the file that you want to embed, click the Browse button and then, in the Browse
dialog box that opens, navigate to the folder in which the file is stored and double-click the
file. The Browse dialog box closes, and the file path appears in the File box. Click OK to
embed your workbook in the presentation.
If you want to embed a workbook in a file created with any other Office program but don’t
want the worksheet to take up much space on the screen, select the Display As Icon check
box. After you select the file to embed and click OK, the file is represented by the same icon
used to represent it in Windows. Double-clicking the icon opens the embedded document
in its original application.
TROUBLESHOOTING If your Excel workbook’s cells don’t have a background fill color (that
is, you have the No Fill option selected), PowerPoint treats the cells’ backgrounds as if they
were transparent. If you were to place cells with black text and no background fill over a
dark background, the text would not be visible. To make your text visible, fill the cells with a
very light gray color so that the presentation’s background doesn’t show through.
To open an embedded Excel workbook for editing, right-click the workbook (or the icon
representing it) and then, on the shortcut menu that appears, click Worksheet Object and
click Edit. After you finish making your changes, you can click anywhere outside the
workbook to return to the presentation.
In this exercise, you’ll embed an Excel workbook in a PowerPoint presentation.
IMPORTANT You must have PowerPoint 2013 installed on your computer to complete this
SET UP You need the 2013YearlyRevenueSummary presentation you created in the
previous exercise, and the RevenueByServiceLevel workbook located in the Chapter13
practice file folder to complete this exercise. If you did not complete the previous
exercise, you should do so now. Open the workbook and, if necessary, open the
presentation. Then follow the steps.
In the Slides pane of the presentation window, click the second slide to display it.
On the Insert tab, in the Tex t group, click Object to open the Insert Object dialog
Select Create from file . The Insert Object dialog box changes to allow you to enter a
file name.
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