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Creating hyperlinks
To have explanatory text appear when the user points to a hyperlink, click the ScreenTip
button, enter the text you want in the ScreenTip Text box, and then click OK to close the Set
Hyperlink ScreenTip dialog box.
You can also create a hyperlink that generates an email message to an address of your
choice. To create this type of hyperlink, which is called a mailto hyperlink, click the E-mail
Address button.
In the dialog box that opens, you can enter the recipient’s email address in the E-mail
Address box and the subject line for messages sent via this hyperlink in the Subject box.
TIP If you use Windows Mail, Microsoft Outlook, or Microsoft Outlook Express as your
email program, a list of recently used addresses will appear in the Recently Used E-mail
Addresses box. You can insert any of those addresses in the E-mail Address box by clicking
the address.
Clicking a mailto hyperlink causes the user’s default email program to open and create a
new email message. The email message is addressed to the address you entered in the
E-mail Address box, and the subject is set to the text you entered in the Subject box.
Regardless of the type of hyperlink you create, you can specify the text you want to
represent the hyperlink in your worksheet. You enter that text in the Text To Display box. When
you click OK, the text you enter there appears in your worksheet, formatted as a hyperlink.
TIP If you leave the Text To Display box empty, the actual link will appear in your
To edit an existing hyperlink, right-click the cell that contains the hyperlink and then, on the
shortcut menu that appears, click Edit Hyperlink. You can also click Open Hyperlink to go
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