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Creating hyperlinks
to the target document or create a new email message, or click Remove Hyperlink to delete
the hyperlink.
TIP If you delete a hyperlink from a cell, the text from the Text To Display box remains in
the cell, but it no longer functions as a hyperlink.
In this exercise, you’ll create a hyperlink to another document and then a second hyperlink
to a different location in the current workbook.
SET UP You need the Hyperlink and LevelDescriptions workbooks located in the
Chapter13 practice file folder to complete this exercise. Open the Hyperlink workbook,
and then follow the steps.
1 In the Hyperlink workbook, on the Revenue by Level worksheet, click cell B9 .
2 On the Insert tab, in the Links group, click the Hyperlink button to open the Insert
Hyperlink dialog box.
3 If necessary, click the Existing File or Web Page button.
4 If necessary, use the controls to the right of the Look in box to navigate to the
Chapter13 practice file folder and display the files in the Insert Hyperlink dialog box.
5 In the file list, click the LevelDescriptions workbook. The workbook’s name appears
in the Text To Display box and the Address box.
In the Text to display box, edit the value so that it reads LevelDescriptions .
Click OK .
Click the hyperlink in cell B9 to open the LevelDescriptions workbook.
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