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Pasting charts into other Office documents
CLEAN UP Close the Hyperlink and LevelDescriptions workbooks, saving your
changes if you want to.
Pasting charts into other Office documents
One more way to include objects from one workbook in another Office document is to
copy the object you want to share and then paste it into its new location. For example, you
can copy Excel charts to Word documents and PowerPoint presentations to reuse your data
without inserting a worksheet into the file and re-creating your chart in that new location.
Pasting a copied chart into another Office document by using Ctrl+V creates a link between
the workbook and the other Office document. Whenever the original data changes, both
copies of the chart will change as long as the files can connect on a computer or over a
network. You can also select the Use Destination Theme & Link Data option or the Keep Source
Formatting & Link Data option from the Paste Options list to create this link and control
how the pasted chart should appear.
When you want to copy the current appearance of the chart to another document without
creating a link back to the chart, you can right-click the chart and click Copy on the
shortcut menu to copy the chart to the Microsoft Office Clipboard. Then, in the document into
which you want to paste the chart’s image, on the Home tab, in the Clipboard group, click
the Paste button’s arrow to display the menu of paste options that are available. The last
option on the right, Picture, pastes an image of the chart in its current state.
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