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Protecting workbooks and worksheets
To set a password for a workbook, open the workbook to be protected, and display the
workbook in the Backstage view. On the Info page of the Backstage view, click the Protect
Workbook button, and then click Encrypt With Password. The Encrypt Document dialog box
opens, with a Password box in which you can enter your password. After you click OK, the
Confirm Password dialog box opens, in which you can verify the password required to open
the workbook. After you have confirmed the password, click OK. Now the Info page
indicates that users must enter a password to open the file.
To remove the password from a workbook, repeat these steps, but delete the password
from the Encrypt Document dialog box and save the file.
TIP The best passwords are long strings of random characters, but random characters are
hard to remember. One good method of creating hard-to-guess passwords is to string two
or more words and a number together. For example, the password genuinestarcalibration302
is 24 characters long, combines letters and numbers, and is easy to remember. If you must
create a shorter password to meet a system’s constraints, avoid dictionary words and include
uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and any special symbols such as ! or # if they
are allowed.
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