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Protecting workbooks and worksheets
Finalizing workbooks
Distributing a workbook to other users carries many risks, not the least of which is the
possibility that the workbook might contain private information you don’t want to share
with users outside your organization. With Excel, you can inspect a workbook for
information you might not want to distribute to other people, and create a read-only final
version that prevents other people from making changes to the workbook content.
Using the Document Inspector, you can quickly locate comments and annotations,
document properties and personal information, custom XML data, headers and
footers, hidden rows and columns, hidden worksheets, and invisible content. You can then
easily remove any hidden or personal information that the Document Inspector finds.
To start the Document Inspector, save the file, and then display the Info page of the
Backstage view. Click the Check For Issues button, and then click Inspect Document to
open the Document Inspector dialog box.
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