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Saving workbooks as web content
You can use the options in the Publish As Web Page dialog box to select which elements of
your workbook you want to publish to the web. Clicking the Choose arrow displays a list of
publishable items, including the option to publish the entire workbook, items on specific
sheets, or a range of cells. To have Excel update the webpage whenever someone updates
the source workbook, select the AutoRepublish Every Time This Workbook Is Saved check
box. You can also specify what text appears on the web page’s title bar. To do so, click the
Change button, enter the page title in the Set Title dialog box, and click OK. When you save
a workbook that has AutoRepublish turned on, Excel displays a dialog box that indicates
that the changes will update the associated web file.
IMPORTANT When you save a PivotTable to the web, the PivotTable doesn’t retain its
interactivity. Instead, Excel publishes a static image of the PivotTable’s current configuration.
For information about publishing a workbook with an interactive PivotTable to the web, see
“Working with SkyDrive and Excel Web App” later in this chapter.
In this exercise, you’ll save a workbook as a webpage and then publish a worksheet’s
PivotTable to the web.
SET UP You need the ShipmentSummary workbook located in the Chapter14 practice
file folder to complete this exercise. Open the workbook, and then follow the steps.
Display the Backstage view, and then click Save As to display the Save As page.
Click the Browse button to open the Save As dialog box.
In the File name box, enter ShipmentSummaryWeb .
In the Save as type list, click Web Page . The Save As dialog box changes to reflect
the Web Page file type.
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