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Importing and exporting XML data
SET UP You need the CategoryXML workbook and the ExceptionTracking.xml file
located in your Chapter14 practice file folder to complete this exercise. Open the
workbook, and then follow the steps.
If the Developer tab doesn’t appear on the ribbon, display the Backstage view, and
then click Options to open the Excel Options dialog box.
In the Excel Options dialog box, click Customize the Ribbon to display that page of
the dialog box.
In the Customize the Ribbon list at the right side of the dialog box, select the
Developer check box to indicate that you want Excel to display that tab on the
Click OK to apply your changes.
Click the Developer tab, and then, in the XML group, click Import to open the
Import XML dialog box.
Navigate to the Chapter14 practice file folder, click ExceptionTracking , and then click
Open to start the import process.
In the alert box that appears, click OK to have Excel create a schema for the imported
data and display the Import Data dialog box.
Verify that cell A1 appears in the XML table in existing worksheet box, and then
click OK to import the data.
With the active cell still in the imported data range, click the Developer tab and then,
in the XML group, click Export . The Export XML dialog box opens.
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