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Working with SkyDrive and Excel Web App
In this exercise, you’ll upload an Excel workbook to your SkyDrive account, open the
workbook in Excel Web App, and open the file in the Excel desktop program.
IMPORTANT You need an active SkyDrive account and a working Internet connection to
successfully complete the following exercise.
SET UP You need the SkyDriveFile workbook located in the Chapter14 practice file
folder to complete this exercise. Don’t open the workbook yet; just follow the steps.
1 Start Internet Explorer, go to , and sign in to your SkyDrive
2 On the menu bar at the top of the SkyDrive Files page, click Upload to open the
Choose File to Upload dialog box.
3 Navigate to the Chapter14 practice file folder, click SkyDriveFile , and then click Open
to upload your file.
4 When SkyDrive displays a dialog box that indicates that the file was uploaded
successfully, click the Close button in the dialog box to dismiss it.
In SkyDrive, click the SkyDriveFile workbook’s tile to open it in Excel Web App.
Click cell A14 , enter April into the cell, and press Tab ; enter Ground into cell B14
and press Tab ; then enter 102 in cell C14 and press Enter .
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