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Key points
When you share a workbook, more than one user can view and edit the data at one
time, which is useful in group projects in which each member has a distinct area of
You can send files by email to efficiently collaborate with colleagues.
You can add comments to cells to quickly let your colleagues know what you’re
thinking without taking up valuable space in a cell.
Tracking changes is vital when you share responsibility for a workbook with several
other people.
When your workbook’s data is too important to leave lying around in the open, use
passwords to protect all or part of the file!
Authenticating workbooks with digital signatures helps to identify the source of your
files, so you won’t have to guess about the origins of that next attachment in your
email Inbox.
Saving a workbook as a web-accessible HTML document is as easy as saving it as a
regular Excel file, and opening a workbook saved for the web is just as easy as
opening any other webpage.
Use the AutoRepublish feature to update Excel files on the web. Whenever anyone
changes the original workbook, Excel writes the edits to the HTML version of the file.
You can import and export XML data in Excel 2013. When you import XML data, Excel
creates the schema required to manage the data within the program.
With SkyDrive and Excel Web App, you can work with data in the native Excel 2013
workbook format wherever you have web access. If you have Excel 2013 installed on
your computer, you can open a file stored on SkyDrive and edit it by using the full
power of the desktop program.
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