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Modifying workbooks
In the Name field, enter Performance .
In the Value field, enter Exceptions .
Click the Add button, and then click OK to save the properties and close the
Exceptions2013 Properties dialog box.
CLEAN UP Close the Exceptions2013 workbook, saving your changes if you want to.
Modifying workbooks
Most of the time, you create a workbook to record information about a particular activity,
such as the number of packages that a regional distribution center handles or the average
time a driver takes to complete all deliveries on a route. Each worksheet within that
workbook should represent a subdivision of that activity. To display a particular worksheet, click
the worksheet’s tab on the tab bar ( just below the grid of cells).
In the case of Consolidated Messenger, the workbook used to track daily package volumes
could have a separate worksheet for each regional distribution center. As mentioned earlier,
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