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Modifying worksheets
Click 2013 , and then click OK to close the Unhide dialog box and display the 2013
worksheet in the workbook.
CLEAN UP Close the ExceptionTracking workbook and the 2012 Archive workbook,
saving your changes if you want to.
Modifying worksheets
After you put up the signposts that make your data easy to find, you can take other steps
to make the data in your workbooks easier to work with. For example, you can change the
width of a column or the height of a row in a worksheet by dragging the column’s right
border or the row’s bottom border to the position you want. Increasing a column’s width or
a row’s height increases the space between cell contents, making your data easier to read
and work with.
TIP You can apply the same change to more than one row or column by selecting the rows
or columns you want to change and then dragging the border of one of the selected rows
or columns to the location you want. When you release the mouse button, all the selected
rows or columns change to the new height or width.
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