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Merging and unmerging cells
Merging and unmerging cells
Most Excel worksheets contain data about a specific subject, such as packages shipped,
revenue, or operating costs. One of the best ways to communicate the contents of a worksheet
is to use a label. For example, you might create a list of Consolidated Messenger’s delivery
regions with the city where the region’s distribution hub is located.
The text Distribution Center Hubs appears to span two cells, B2 and C2, but is in fact
contained within cell B2. If you select cell B2, Excel highlights the cell’s border, which obscures
the text. If you want to combine cells B2 and C2 into a single cell, you can do so by merging
the cells into a single cell.
To merge two or more cells, you select the cells, click the Home tab, click Merge & Center,
and then click Merge Cells. Now when you click cell B2, the selection border extends along
the entire merged cell without blocking the text.
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