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Entering and revising data
You do have some control over how Excel extends the values in a series when you drag the
ill handle. For example, if you drag the ill handle up (or to the left), Excel extends the series
to include previous values. If you enter January in a cell and then drag that cell’s ill handle
up (or to the left), Excel places December in the first cell, November in the second cell, and
so on.
Another way to control how Excel extends a data series is by pressing the Ctrl key while you
drag the ill handle. For example, if you press the Ctrl key while you drag the ill handle, Excel
repeats the value January in each cell you add to the series.
TIP Be sure to experiment with how the ill handle extends your series and how pressing
the Ctrl key changes that behavior. Using the ill handle can save you a lot of time
entering data.
Other data entry techniques you’ll use in this section are AutoComplete, which detects
when a value you’re entering is similar to previously entered values; Pick From Drop-Down
List, from which you can choose a value from among the existing values in the active cell’s
worksheet column; and Ctrl+Enter, which you can use to enter a value in multiple cells
TROUBLESHOOTING If an AutoComplete suggestion doesn’t appear as you begin entering
a cell value, the option might be turned off. To turn on AutoComplete, click the File tab, and
then click Options. In the Excel Options dialog box, display the Advanced page. In the
Editing Options area of the page, select the Enable AutoComplete For Cell Values check box,
and then click OK.
The following table summarizes these data entry techniques.
Enter the first value in a recognized series and use the ill handle to
extend the series.
Enter the first two values in a series and use the ill handle to extend
the series.
Enter the first few letters in a cell, and if a similar value exists in the
same column, Excel suggests the existing value.
Pick From Drop-Down List
Right-click a cell, and then click Pick From Drop-Down List. A list of
existing values in the cell’s column is displayed. Click the value you
want to enter into the cell.
Select a range of cells, each of which you want to contain the same
data, enter the data in the active cell, and press Ctrl+Enter.
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