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Managing data by using Flash Fill
From the list, click 2Day , which then appears in cell D8 .
In cell E8 , enter 11802.14 , and then press Tab or Enter to enter the value into
the cell.
Select cell B2 , and then drag the ill handle through cells C2:E2 to ill the cells with
the value Customer .
Click the AutoFill Options button, and then click Fill Formatting Only to restore the
original values in cells C2:E2 and apply the formatting of cell B2 to those cells.
CLEAN UP Close the Series workbook, saving your changes if you want to.
Managing data by using Flash Fill
When you manage data in Excel, you will often find that you want to combine values from
several cells into a single value. For example, Consolidated Messenger might have a list of
individuals to contact about arranging bulk shipping contracts for their companies.
The contacts’ names appear in three columns: LastName, FirstName, and Initial. Note
that not every contact has a middle initial. If you want to combine each row’s LastName,
FirstName, and Initial value into a single name, you click in the blank cell to the right of the
first row’s Initial column and enter the combination as you want it to appear. When you’re
done, press Enter to move down a row and enter the second row’s value. After you start
typing, Flash Fill, which is new in Excel 2013, displays suggestions based on how it predicts
you want to ill in the rest of the values.
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