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Managing data by using Flash Fill
Note that the Flash Fill suggestions did not include Initial values for rows that have a value
in that cell. You can correct that omission by clicking in the FullName cell next to a row that
does contain an Initial value and then entering the name as you would like it to appear.
When you do, Flash Fill recognizes the new pattern for this subset of the data and offers
to ill in the values.
IMPORTANT For Flash Fill to function, you must enter the desired value in a cell next to the
data you based your list on and make two consecutive edits. “Two consecutive edits” means that
you must enter the desired value in one cell and then immediately start entering a value in a cell
in the range you want Flash Fill to populate.
With Flash Fill, you can also pull data segments out of a larger, compound value. For
example, suppose you received a customer database where the city, state, and postal
code of each mailing address was combined in a single cell.
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