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Managing data by using Flash Fill
This data follows a consistent pattern, with the city followed by a comma before the
two-letter state abbreviation. Because Flash Fill can detect this pattern, you can perform
two consecutive edits to have the program suggest values for the remaining cells to the
right of the existing data.
TIP If for some reason Flash Fill doesn’t offer to complete the values in a data range, click
a cell in the range you want Flash Fill to populate and then, on the Data tab of the ribbon,
click Flash Fill.
In this exercise, you’ll combine and correct data by using Flash Fill.
SET UP You need the MailingNames workbook located in the Chapter02 practice file
folder to complete this exercise. Open the workbook, and then follow the steps.
On the Names worksheet, enter Mark Hassall in cell D2 and press Enter .
In cell D3 , start entering the first name Justin . As you do, the Flash Fill logic suggests
a series of values to ill in cells D3:D5 .
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