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Moving data within a workbook
gallery, and point to one of the icons. When you do, Excel displays a preview of how your data
will appear if you click that paste option.
If you position the pointer over one icon in the Paste gallery and then move it over another
icon without clicking, Excel will update the preview to reflect the new option. Depending on
the cells’ contents, two or more of the paste options might lead to the same result.
TROUBLESHOOTING If pointing to an icon in the Paste gallery doesn’t result in a live
preview, that option might be turned off. To turn Paste Live Preview on, click the File tab, and
then click Options to open the Excel Options dialog box. Click General, select the Enable
Live Preview check box, and click OK.
After you click an icon to complete the paste operation, Excel displays the Paste Options
button next to the pasted cells. Clicking the Paste Options button displays the Paste
Options gallery as well, but pointing to one of those icons doesn’t generate a preview. If
you want to display Paste Live Preview again, you will need to press Ctrl+Z to undo the
paste operation and, if necessary, cut or copy the data again to use the icons in the Home
tab’s Clipboard group.
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