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Moving data within a workbook
TROUBLESHOOTING If the Paste Options button doesn’t appear, you can turn the feature
on by clicking the File tab and then clicking Options to open the Excel Options dialog box.
In the Excel Options dialog box, display the Advanced page and then, in the Cut, Copy, And
Paste area, select the Show Paste Options Buttons When Content Is Pasted check box. Click
OK to close the dialog box and save your setting.
After cutting or copying data to the Microsoft Office Clipboard, you can access additional
paste options from the Paste gallery and from the Paste Special dialog box, which you
display by clicking Paste Special at the bottom of the Paste menu.
In the Paste Special dialog box, you can specify the aspect of the Clipboard contents you
want to paste, restricting the pasted data to values, formats, comments, or one of
several other options. You can perform mathematical operations involving the cut or
copied data and the existing data in the cells you paste the content into. You can transpose
data—change rows to columns and columns to rows—when you paste it, by clicking the
Transpose thumbnail in the Paste gallery or by selecting the Transpose check box in the
Paste Special dialog box.
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