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Defining Excel tables
Verify that the range =$B$2:$C$17 is displayed in the Where is the data for your
table? field and that the My table has headers check box is selected, and then click
OK to create an Excel table from your data and display the Design tool tab.
In cell B18 , enter D116 , press Tab , enter 100 in cell C18 , and then press Enter to
have Excel include the data in your Excel table.
Select a cell in the table. Then on the Design tool tab, in the Table Style Options
group, select the Total Row check box to add a Total row to the bottom of your
Excel table.
Select cell C19 , click the arrow that appears at the right edge of the cell, and then
click Average to change the summary operation to Average .
On the Design tool tab, in the Properties group, enter the value SortTimes in the
Table Name field, and then press Enter to rename your Excel table.
CLEAN UP Close the DriverSortTimes workbook, saving your changes if you want to.
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