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Naming groups of data
If the cells you want to define as a named range have labels in a row or column that’s part
of the cell group, you can use those labels as the names of the named ranges. For example,
if your data appears in worksheet cells B4:I12 and the values in column B are the row labels,
you can make each row its own named range. To create a series of named ranges from a
group of cells, select all of the data cells, including the labels, click the Formulas tab and
then, in the Defined Names group, click Create From Selection to open the Create Names
From Selection dialog box. In the Create Names From Selection dialog box, select the check
box that represents the labels’ position in the selected range, and then click OK.
A final way to create a named range is to select the cells you want in the range, click in the
Name box next to the formula box, and then enter the name for the range. You can display
the ranges available in a workbook by clicking the Name arrow.
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