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Naming groups of data
To manage the named ranges in a workbook, click the Formulas tab, and then, in the
Defined Names group, click Name Manager to open the Name Manager dialog box.
When you click a named range, Excel displays the cells it encompasses in the Refers To field.
Clicking the Edit button opens the Edit Name dialog box, which is a version of the New
Name dialog box, enabling you to change a named range’s definition; for example, by
adding a column. You can also use the controls in the Name Manager dialog box to delete a
named range (the range, not the data) by clicking it, clicking the Delete button, and then
clicking OK in the confirmation dialog box that opens.
TIP If your workbook contains a lot of named ranges, you can click the Filter button in the
Name Manager dialog box and select a criterion to limit the names displayed in the Name
Manager dialog box.
In this exercise, you’ll create a named range to streamline references to a group of cells.
You’ll also edit a named range and use a named range in a formula.
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