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Color Coding Cells in the Data
You can hover over any icon in the lens and Live Preview shows you what
the results of using that tool would look like. The results appear either in
a Live Preview in the data or in a thumbnail that appears above the Quick
Everything you can do in the Quick Analysis can also be done the old
way using commands on the ribbon tabs. The actual command in the rib-
bon often offers even more choices than the thumbnails offered in the
Quick Analysis. If you want to discover more about any of the fea-
tures in the Quick Analysis, see the last section of this chapter to
find out where to learn more about the various features.
Color Coding Cells in the Data
Color Coding Cells in the Data
The Formatting category in the Quick Analysis offers five different ways
to color code cells in your data set.
Figure 2.21 shows a feature called Data Bars. For all of the numbers in
your data set, Excel adds a swatch of color, almost like a little in-cell
bar chart. The largest numbers get the largest amount of color and the smal-
lest numbers get the smallest amount of color. This enables you to spot the
largest numbers.
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