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Using Fly-out Menus and Galleries
top half of Paste or the left side of Copy, you invoke the command. But if
you click the arrow in either icon, you get a fly-out menu with more choices.
Fly-out menus allow many choices from a single icon. For example, the
Conditional Formatting icon on the Home tab takes up a 76×76 pixel area on the
ribbon. Clicking Conditional Formatting leads to five new fly-out menus and
three commands. In all, the fly-out menus lead to a total of 64 distinct com-
mands, all driven from a single 76×76-pixel icon (see Figure 3.2 ) .
Figure 3.2.
Figure 3.2. Fly-out menus offer dozens of choices from a single icon.
Fly-out menus offer dozens of choices from a single icon.
Another new element in the ribbon is the gallery control. Galleries are used
when there are dozens of options from which to choose. The gallery shows
you a visual thumbnail of each choice. A gallery starts out showing a row
or two of choices in the ribbon. The right side of the gallery offers icons
for up, down, and open. If you click up or down, you scroll one row at a time
through the choices (see Figure 3.3 ).
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