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Rolling Through the Ribbon Tabs
To display the task pane for an object, press Ctrl+1. Although it
is easy to display the task pane for a chart, it is not obvious how
to display the task pane for an image or WordArt. However, as noted
earlier, you can accidentally find your way to the Picture task pane
by clicking a picture while the task pane is active. When you want to
display a task pane but cannot figure out how to do it, try F1.
For charts, the task pane in Excel 2013 replaces the Format dialog from Ex-
cel 2010. It seems more confusing to use the task pane.
In Excel 2010, the Format dialog had a list of categories down the left side.
These categories were arranged into groups with a horizontal separator
between categories. For example, in Figure 3.10 , the first group of categories
is Fill, Border Color, and Border Styles. In a glance, you could see other
categories such as Glow and Soft Edges, Properties, and Alt Text. I appreci-
ated seeing a long list of words to choose from.
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