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Clearing the Recent Workbooks List
significant changes, and will either start clicking Don t Save repeatedly or
will hold down Shift and click Don t Save, which is equivalent to clicking
the nonexistent Don t Save to All selection.
As I see that important file get closed, I realize that I just lost all my
changes to that file and cringe. This is a common problem that happens to
everyone sooner or later. Provided that the file was open long enough to ex-
perience an AutoSave, you might be able to get the file back.
Go to Recover Unsaved Workbooks and find the date and time of the last
AutoSave. It might be within 5 minutes of the last time you edited a cell in that
document. When you find the file and open it, the Information Bar reports that
this is a recovered unsaved file (see Figure 3.27 ). Click Save As to give
the file a name.
Figure 3.27.
Figure 3.27. Excel recovers the file. You need to use Save As to make the re-
Excel recovers the file. You need to use Save As to make the re-
covery permanent.
covery permanent.
Clearing the Recent Workbooks List
If you need to clear out the Recent Workbooks list, you should visit File,
Options, Advanced, Display. Set the Show This Number of Recent Documents
list to zero. This is unlike the behavior in Excel 2003. In Excel 2003, to clear
out the ninth item from the list, you had to reset only the number of files back
to eight and Excel would forget about the ninth. In Excel 2013, if you switch
from 50 files to one file, then back to 50 files, all 50 files will come back.
The only way to clear the Recent Workbooks list is to set the value back
to zero. You can then reset it to 50 and Excel will start collecting history
Getting Information About the Current Workbook
When a workbook is open and you go to the File menu, you start in the Info
gallery for that workbook. As shown in Figure 3.28 , the Info pane lists all
sorts of information about the current workbook:
The workbook path is shown at the top of the center panel.
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