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Finding Hidden Content Using the Document Inspector
Finding Hidden Content Using the Document Inspector
The Document Inspector can find a lot of hidden content, but it is not perfect.
Still, finding 95% of the types of hidden content can protect you a lot of the
The Document Inspector is not foolproof. Do you frequently hide set-
tings by changing the font color to white or by using the ;;; custom num-
ber format? This won t be found by the Document Inspector. The Docu-
ment Inspector also won t note that you scrolled over outside the
print area and jotted your after-work grocery list in column X.
To run the Document Inspector, select File, Info, Check for Issues, Inspect
Document, and click OK. The results of the Document Inspector will show
that the document has personal information stored in the file properties (au-
thor s name) and perhaps a hidden worksheet.
Using Other Excel Interface Improvements
This is a recap of interface changes introduced in Excel 2007 through Excel
Slot-machining (2013)
Slot-machining (2013) When you change an input cell, all of the
calculated cells in view of the window animate as they change. This
looks a lot like the spinning wheel in a slot machine.
Touch mode (2013)
Touch mode (2013) If you are using Excel on a touch screen or a tab-
let, you can put Excel in touch mode. A tiny bit of space appears
around each icon, which hopefully gives you more of a chance to
touch the correct icon.
Less chrome (2013)
Less chrome (2013) Microsoft really believes a lot of people will
be using Excel on touch devices once Windows 8 begins to catch on.
They tried to make the touch zones bigger by eliminating any decora-
tions in the interface. Microsoft called these decorations the
chrome in the interface. In addition to losing the chrome, you also
lose some tiny icons that would be hard to use in touch mode. For ex-
ample, the tiny icons in the edge of the scrollbars used to split a win-
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