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Adding White Space Around Icons Using Touch Mode
dow are gone in Excel 2013. The set of four controls used to move
between worksheets is reduced to two icons.
Paste options (2010)
Paste options (2010) An expanded Paste Options menu introduces
many popular shortcut key sequences to Excel.
Live preview (2007)
Live preview (2007) You can preview formatting changes before you
actually select the change.
Mini toolbar (2007)
Mini toolbar (2007) The mini toolbar appears whenever you select
text. Although this might happen rarely when you edit cells in Excel,
it does happen frequently when you work with charts, text boxes, and
so on. The mini toolbar offers quick access to font, size, bold, italic,
alignment, color, indenting, and bullets.
Formula bar (2007)
Formula bar (2007) The formula bar includes the capability to ex-
pand or contract itself at your whim instead of the whim of Excel.
Zoom slider (2007)
Zoom slider (2007) The Zoom slider enables you to quickly change
from seeing one page to hundreds of pages at a time.
Status bar (2007)
Status bar (2007) The status bar appears at the bottom of your
worksheet window. Although you probably never noticed it, the status
bar in legacy versions of Excel reported the total of any selected
cells. This information is now improved and expanded, offering mul-
tiple statistics at one time.
View control (2007)
View control (2007) The View control gives you one-click access to
Page Break Preview mode, Normal mode, and the Page Layout view in-
troduced in Excel 2007.
New Sheet icon (2007/2013)
New Sheet icon (2007/2013) The New Sheet icon enables you to add
new worksheets to a workbook with a single click. In Excel 2013, the
new sheet is added to the right of the active sheet.
Adding White Space Around Icons Using Touch Mode
Adding White Space Around Icons Using Touch Mode
If you are trying to use Excel on a tablet or a touch screen, you want to try
touch mode. Follow these steps:
11. Go to the right side of the QAT and open the drop-down that appears
22. The twelfth command is called Touch Mode. The icon is a blue dot with
a ring of white space and then dashed lines around the white space.
Choose this command to add it to the QAT.
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