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Previewing Paste Using the Paste Options Gallery
As a public service to you, the reader, I went out and bought a Planar
touch screen so I could try the touch gestures in Excel. Other than
having some fun scribbling using the Ink tools, there really isn t
any good reason to have a touch screen in Excel. However, one hot
August day, I was writing this topic and a house fly zoomed past me
and landed on the touch screen. It landed with enough force to select
cell C33, which I thought was pretty funny. Had it actually typed
a VLOOKUP formula, it would definitely be the most proficient Excel
house fly ever.
Previewing Paste Using the Paste Options Gallery
Here s a quick survey: Have you ever opened a Notepad window, pasted your
data to Notepad, copied from Notepad, and then pasted to your application?
This is a great but tedious way to remove formatting from a selection. If you
have discovered this painful workaround, you are going to love this feature
that was added starting in Excel 2010: the Paste Options gallery.
Here is another survey: Suppose you have to copy a column of formulas
and paste them as values. Do your fingers know how to do Ctrl+C,
Alt+E+S+V+Enter? If so, you are going to love the new Ctrl+V, Ctrl, V key-
strokes available in the Paste Options gallery. If you ve ever done
Ctrl+C, Alt+E+S+V+Enter, Alt+E+S+T+Enter, you will love the new Contex-
t+E keyboard shortcut.
As someone who uses both of those old keyboard shortcuts frequently, I
love the Paste Options gallery. You can keep slicers, sparklines, even
PowerPivot; the Paste Options gallery is going to be the one feature that
makes a difference in my life every single hour of every single workday.
Microsoft discovered that Paste was the number-one command that was im-
mediately followed by Undo. To improve the Paste command, Microsoft added
the Paste Options gallery in three places in Excel 2010. These galleries sup-
port Live Preview and keyboard shortcuts. They should make mouse-centric
as well as keyboard-centric people very happy.
You encounter the gallery when you have something on the Clipboard and one
of these three events happens:
You right-click a cell to access the context menu.
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