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4. Customizing Excel
4. Customizing Excel
The Excel Options dialog offers dozens of changes you can make in Excel. One
of the primary changes available in Excel Options is customizing the ribbon
and the Quick Access Toolbar. Back in Excel 2003, you could easily custom-
ize the menus and toolbars. In Excel 2007, customization was severely limited.
Starting in Excel 2010, it was back, although not as flexible as in Excel 2003.
This chapter walks you through examples of customizing the ribbon and dis-
cusses some of the important option settings available in Excel.
Performing a Simple Ribbon Modification
Suppose that you generally like the ribbon, but there is one icon that seems to
be misplaced. For me, that icon is the PivotTable command. I have no idea why
this is on the Insert tab instead of on the Data tab where it belongs.
Take a look at the Data tab, as shown in Figure 4.1 . It would make sense to
have the PivotTable command right after the Sort & Filter group and before
the Data Tools group.
Figure 4.1.
Figure 4.1. Decide where the new command should go.
Decide where the new command should go.
To add the pivot table command to the Data tab, follow these steps:
11. Right-click the ribbon and select Customize the Ribbon.
22. In the right list box, expand the Data tab by clicking the + sign next to
33. Click the Sort & Filter entry in the right list box. The new group will
go after this entry.
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