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New Options in Excel 2013
Always Use User Name Regardless of Sign-In to Office is new on the
General tab. In the past, the user name entered in Excel options has
been attached to each workbook you create. To keep this name instead
of basing the name on your Windows account, choose this setting.
Office now offers several background sketches that appear in the
top-right corner of your Excel screen. If you are like me, you will
change this setting every day for four days, then completely forget it
is on the General tab.
Show the Start Screen When This Application Starts is new on the
General tab. Microsoft is pushing the new start screen as a great
feature. If you do not agree, uncheck this setting on the General tab to
open Excel to a blank workbook. You can also disable three settings
on the Save tab. Choose Don t Show the Backstage View When Opening
or Saving Files, uncheck Always Show Sign in to SkyDrive Loca-
tion During Save, and choose Save to Computer by Default. These three
settings should remove the slight delay as Excel tries to sign in to
cloud storage.
Inserting a screenshot was introduced in Excel 2010. Now, in Excel
2013, if you insert a screenshot of a browser, Excel offers to auto-
matically create a hyperlink back to the web page. Excel offers to
remember your choice. If you need to change that setting, it is on the
Advanced category, in the Editing group. Note that hyperlinks don t
happen with the more useful Screen Clipping feature.
Excel 2013 offers new labeling options for charts. Two new options
in the Chart group of the Advanced category cause a label to stick
with a data point even if the point moves.
Excel 2013 includes a new type of pivot table based on the Power-
Pivot engine. Excel calls this the Data Model. Options in the Data
group of the Advanced category enable you to specify that all new
pivot tables should automatically be based on the Data Model. You
can also disable Undo for Data Model pivot tables over a certain
The Trust Center provides a new category related to JavaScript
apps. Also, check the Privacy option in the Trust Center to see if you
can enable the Office Feedback tool. This feature debuted in the Excel
2007 beta as Send a Smile. It has been in every Office beta since
then, but never persists in the final product. It looks like Microsoft
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