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Using AutoRecover Options
is giving you an option to turn this on in the regular version of Office
2013. When it is on, you can send a screenshot, description, and a smile
or frown when you find something that you like or do not like in Excel.
This is an opportunity to get your feedback directly to the project
managers who will decide what happens in future versions of Office.
One option that debuted on the Excel 2010 File menu has moved to Excel Op-
tions. If you like seeing the last nine files that you opened at the bottom of
the File menu, go to Excel Options, Advanced, Display. Choose Quickly Ac-
cess This Number of Recent Workbooks.
Using AutoRecover Options
Using AutoRecover Options
For many versions, Excel periodically saves a copy of your work every 10
minutes. If your computer crashes, the recovery pane offers to let you open
the last AutoRecovered version of the file. This feature is sure to save you
from retyping data that might have otherwise been lost.
Another painful situation occurs when you do not save changes and then
close Excel. Yes, Excel asks if you want to save changes for each open doc-
ument, but this question usually pops up at 5:00 p.m. when you are in a hurry
to get out of the office. If you are thinking about what you need to do after
work and not paying attention to which files are still open, you might click
No to the first document and then click No again and again without noticing
that the fifth open document was one that should have been saved.
Another scenario involves leaving an Excel file open overnight only to dis-
cover that Windows Update decided to restart the computer at 3:00 a.m. After
being burned a dozen times, you can change the behavior of Windows Update
to stop doing this. However, if Windows Update closed Excel without saving
your documents, you can lose those AutoRecovered documents.
A setting introduced in Excel 2010 has Excel save the last AutoRecovered
version of each open file when you close without saving. This setting is on
the Save category of Excel Options and is called Keep the Last AutoSaved
Version If I Close Without Saving. As soon as you realize that you saved
without closing, visit the AutoRecover File Location (usually %Ap-
pData%\Roaming\Microsoft\Excel\) to see if your file is there. Copy it,
rename it, and paste it back to a safe location.
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