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Ten Options to Consider
WEBSERVICE function, a message bar appears above the worksheet to let you
know that Excel disabled those threats.
If you declare a folder on your hard drive to be a trusted folder, you can
open those documents without Excel warning you about the items. Visit File,
Options, Trust Center, Trust Center Settings, Trusted Locations to set up a
trusted folder.
Starting in Excel 2010, if you open a file from your hard drive and enable the
content, Excel will automatically enable that content the next time. The in-
herent problem here is that if you open a file and discover the macros are
bad, you will not want those macros to open automatically the next time.
There is no way to untrust a single document other than deleting, renaming, or
moving it. Instead, you have to go to the Trusted Documents category of the
Trust Center where you can choose to clear the entire list of trusted docu-
Ten Options to Consider
Although hundreds of Excel options exist, this section provides a quick re-
view of just 10 options that might be helpful to you:
Update your name in the General category. The name stored on this
tab is used in cell comments and in the document properties.
Save File in This Format in the Save category. If you regularly
create macros, choose the Excel Macro-Enabled Workbook as the de-
fault format type.
Update your Default File Location in the Save tab. Excel always
wants to save new documents in your My Documents folder. However,
if you always work in the C:\AccountingFiles\ folder, then update
the default folder to match your preferred location.
After Pressing Enter, Move Selection Direction is the first setting in
the Advanced category. If you regularly perform data entry and
prefer that the cell pointer move across the spreadsheet, change this
setting from Down to Right.
Show This Number of Recent Documents has been enhanced dramatic-
ally since Excel 2003. Whereas legacy versions of Excel showed up to
nine recent documents at the bottom of the File menu, Excel 2013 al-
lows you to see up to 50 recent documents in the Recent category of the
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