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Accessing More Functions by Using MoreFunc.dll
Accessing More Functions by Using MoreFunc.dll
MVP Laurent Longre offers a free Excel add-in that has 66 new functions.
Although some of the functions are specialized, there are great functions of
use to many people using Excel. The following are just some of the new func-
LastRow This function finds the last filled row in any column.
PageNum This function finds the page number of any cell.
SheetName This function finds the name of the current sheet.
WordCount This function finds the number of words in text.
NBText This function spells out a number as text in any of 13 lan-
CountIf.3D This function is the same as Countif but for 3-D refer-
To merge all workbooks in a folder, Ron de Bruin offers many free add-
ins at . One of the best is his RDBMerge
add-in, which allows Excel to read all the workbooks in a folder and
merge them into a single worksheet. This is great for doing budget roll-
You can freely download MoreFunc.dll from .
General-Purpose Utility Suites
Many utilities add a new suite of commands to Excel. These utilities gener-
ally fall into one of two camps. The first set focuses on tasks for format-
ting worksheets. They might offer a way to format every nth row in a certain
color or convert a range of uppercase data to proper case, and so on. The
second set is designed to simplify data analysis. Here are the popular apps
for formatting worksheets:
ASAP Utilities offers a noncommercial, free version: www.asap- .
JMT Utilities offers a free version:
JMT%20Full%20List.htm .
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