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6. Keyboard Shortcuts
6. Keyboard Shortcuts
If you do a lot of typing, being able to access commands from the keyboard is
faster than moving your hand to the mouse. Excel 2013 still uses many of the
old Alt keyboard shortcuts from Excel 2003. All the old Ctrl shortcut keys
are still functional. For instance, Ctrl+C still copies a selection, Ctrl+X
cuts a selection, and Ctrl+V pastes a selection.
This chapter points out which of the old Excel 2003 keyboard shortcuts still
work, shows you some new shortcuts, and introduces you to the keyboard ac-
Learning the right ten shortcuts from this chapter can make you twice as fast
in Excel.
Using New Keyboard Accelerators
The goal of the new Excel 2013 keyboard accelerators is to enable you to ac-
cess every command by using only the keyboard. In legacy versions of Ex-
cel, many popular commands had keyboard accelerators, but other commands
did not. Excel 2013 tries to ensure that every command can be invoked from the
To access the new accelerators, press and release the Alt key. Notice that
Excel places a KeyTip above each command. In addition, numeric KeyTips ap-
pear over each icon in the Quick Access Toolbar (see Figure 6.1 ). Press the
F10 key to display or hide the KeyTips.
Figure 6.1.
Figure 6.1. Type the letters in the KeyTips along the top to open various tabs.
Type the letters in the KeyTips along the top to open various tabs.
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