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Backing Up One Level Through a Menu
then use the down arrow, up arrow, Page Down, Page Up, Home, and End keys
to navigate to a choice in the list. When you have the desired item highlighted,
press Enter to select that item.
Backing Up One Level Through a Menu
Backing Up One Level Through a Menu
Suppose you press Alt+H to access the Home tab and then realize you are in
the wrong tab. You can press the Esc key to move back to display the tool-
tips for the main menu choices. If you want to clear the tooltips completely,
press Alt again.
Dealing with Keyboard Accelerator Confusion
Dealing with Keyboard Accelerator Confusion
If you want to select something on the Home tab in Figure 6.2 , you might be
frustrated because you can see the menu choices but no tooltips appear for
most commands. For icons in the top of the ribbon, it appears that the main
KeyTips apply to the menu items. For example, you might think that the H
KeyTip applies to Cut. Even though you are already on the Home tab, you need
to press the H key to force Excel to show the tooltips for the individual menu
items on the Home tab.
If you find the accelerator tooltips to be confusing and unwieldy, you
must memorize them one at a time. Find a task that you use regularly,
such as sorting the current data set ascending by the selected column.
Press the Alt key. Press A for the Data tab. Notice that A sorts as-
cending and D sorts descending. This should be easy enough to remem-
ber: Alt+A+A for sort ascending, and Alt+A+D for sort descending.
Selecting from Legacy Dialog Boxes
Selecting from Legacy Dialog Boxes
Some commands lead to legacy dialog boxes like the ones in previous editions
of Excel. These dialog boxes do not display the Excel 2013 KeyTips. However,
most of the dialog boxes do use the convention of having one letter of each
command underlined, which is called a hotkeyin Microsoft parlance. In this
case, you can press the underlined letter to select the command.
For example, press Alt+H+V+S instead of selecting Home, Paste, Paste Spe-
cial. You are then presented with the Paste Special dialog box, as shown in
Figure 6.5 . To select Values and Transpose in this dialog, press V for Values
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