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Using the Shortcut Keys
and E for Transpose, because those are the letters underlined in the dialog.
You can then press Enter instead of clicking the default OK button.
Figure 6.5.
Figure 6.5. In a legacy dialog box, type the underlined letters to select op-
In a legacy dialog box, type the underlined letters to select op-
Using the Shortcut Keys
The following five tables provide what I believe to be a comprehensive list
of shortcut keys. I have collected these over the many versions of Excel.
For some reason, Excel Help no longer lists all the shortcut keys. I count 75
shortcut keys in the following tables that are no longer documented in Excel
Help. I realize this is a mind-numbingly long list, but I want to include it here
because the Excel team no longer provides a complete list.
If you decide to learn and start using one new shortcut key every week, you
will quickly become very fast at using Excel. After Table 6.5 , I identify my
favorite shortcut keys from this list.
Excel 2013 automatically recognizes all the Ctrl shortcut keys that were
used in legacy versions of Excel. In fact, many of these keys are consistent
across all Windows applications. Table 6.1 lists the common Windows Ctrl
shortcut keys.
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