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Invoking an Excel 2003 Alt Shortcut
Instead of pressing Alt+E+I+J all at once, when the Edit menu is displayed,
you can display the Fill fly-out menu by pressing I. Then you can perform
the Justify command by pressing J.
If you are a power Excel user, you probably have a few of these commands
memorized, such as Alt+E+I+J for Edit, Fill, Justify; Alt+E+S+V for Edit,
Paste Special, Values; and Alt+D+L for Data Validation. If you have some
of these commands memorized, when you hear that the ribbon has replaced the
legacy menu, you might be worried that you have to relearn all the shortcut
keys. However, there is good news for the power Excel gurus who have fa-
vorite Alt shortcut keys burned into their minds most of them will continue
to work as they did in Excel 2003.
If you are an intermediate Excel user who regularly uses the Excel 2003 key-
board accelerators but has to look at the screen to use them, you should
start using the new keyboard accelerators discussed at the beginning of this
Invoking an Excel 2003 Alt Shortcut
In Excel 2003, the main menus are File, Edit, View, Insert, Format, Tools, Data,
Window, and Help. The keyboard accelerator commands in Excel 2003 are
Alt+F, Alt+E, Alt+V, Alt+I, Alt+O, Alt+T, Alt+D, Alt+W, and Alt+H.
If you are moving from Excel 2003 to Excel 2013, you will have the best suc-
cess when trying to access commands on the Edit, View, Insert, Format, Tools,
and Data menus. None of the keyboard accelerators associated with Window
or Help work in Excel 2013. Alt+H takes you to the Home tab instead of the
few commands on the Help menu, and Alt+W takes you to the View tab.
Some of the keyboard shortcuts associated with the File menu in Excel 2003
continue to work in Excel 2013. Pressing Alt+F opens the File menu. In Excel
2003, pressing Alt+F+O performs File, Open. It happens that O is the short-
cut on the File menu for Open, so pressing Alt+F+O in Excel 2013 also per-
forms File, Open.
For the shortcut keys Alt+E, Alt+V, Alt+I, Alt+O, Alt+T, and Alt+D, Excel
switches into Office 2003 Access Key mode. In this mode, a tooltip appears
over the ribbon, indicating which letters you have typed so far (see Figure
6.7 ) . When you have entered enough letters, the command is invoked. If you
have forgotten the sequence, you can press Esc to exit the Excel 2003 Access
Key mode.
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