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Other Limits in Excel 2013
Figure 7.2.
Figure 7.2. You select Convert to leave Compatibility mode.
You select Convert to leave Compatibility mode.
With the bigger grid, it is far more likely that you will encounter larger
files, formulas, and pivot tables. With a 102,300% increase in the file, many
of the old limits in Excel 2003 no longer make sense. Because of the bigger grid,
Microsoft has provided relaxed limits in many areas. Limits are discussed
in the next section.
There is also an unusual quirk with the big grid. Previously, columns were
labeled from A to IV. Now, columns are labeled from A to XFD. This means
that many three-letter words are now valid column names. In legacy ver-
sions of Excel, range names such as ROI2011 and TAX2008 would have been
legal names. Now that these are actual cell addresses, those names can no
longer be used in Excel 2013. Excel automatically changes such names dur-
ing the conversion process. For example, a name such as YTD2012 changes to
In addition, you don t have to worry about updating most formulas, because
any formulas that reference the old name will change. However, if you have
any VBA macros that refer to the old name, or any formulas that included
the old name in double quotes in the INDIRECT function, you have to manually
fix those.
Other Limits in Excel 2013
In addition to the grid size, a number of other aspects of Excel have new limits.
Table 7.1 illustrates these new limits.
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