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Other Limits in Excel 2013
For people upgrading from Excel 2003, some of the new limits are excellent
improvements. However, some of the new limits will allow people to build
worsespreadsheets. Many people try to rely on nested IF functions when
they should instead learn about VLOOKUP. Increasing from seven to 64 nes-
ted functions enables people to put off learning about VLOOKUP for even
Ifyou vebeenavoidingVLOOKUP,youcanreadaboutitin
Chapter12 , UsingPowerfulFunctions:Logical,Lookup,Web,
and Database Functions .
With legacy versions of Excel, any pivot table that relied on daily dates
almost always had to be built with the dates going down the side instead of
across the rows. This was annoying, especially if you planned on rolling
the dates up to months or quarters that would eventually fit in the 256
The number of Excel formats was a problem that was rarely encountered but
caused horrible frustration when it was hit. Now the limit will be hit much
less frequently.
Even with the current limits, some areas could still be improved. For ex-
ample, there is still a limit of eight levels of indentation in outlining.
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