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Opening Excel 2013 Files in Excel 2002 or 2003
Opening Excel 2013 Files in Excel 2002 or 2003
If you attempt to open an Excel 2013 file in Excel 2002 or Excel 2003, you see a
message that the file was created in a newer version of Excel. Excel allows
you to download a converter so that you can open the file. The download
process happens as part of the File Open process. It is quick. You have to
do it only once per computer. Most people will not even remember downloading
the utility.
Keep in mind that you need to get the person to pay attention to the
question that pops up when he first opens your file and chooses
to download the converter. With the malware situation today, many
people will automatically refuse to download anything. For this
reason, a little hand-holding over the phone as the person opens your
file for the first time might be appropriate.
After you install the Compatibility Pack, you can directly open XLSM,
XLSX, and XLSB files in Excel 2003 or Excel 2002. You can also save your
files back into the new format.
Minor Loss of Fidelity
Minor Loss of Fidelity
Suppose that you have a simple data worksheet in Excel 2013. You might have
used a few custom colors or perhaps cell styles. When you open that file
in Excel 2003, you receive a note that the custom color was converted to the
closest color in the standard Excel 2003 pallet of 56 colors. Other than the
formatting change, you can edit and then save the file back to an Excel 2013
Significant Loss of Functionality
Significant Loss of Functionality
The Excel 2013 workbook shown previously in Figure 7.5 contains several
elements that would report as a significant loss of functionality in Excel
When you attempt to open this workbook in Excel 2003, Excel warns you that
there is significant loss of functionality. Because of the loss of function-
ality, Excel forces the document to be opened as read-only. You have to use
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