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Opening Excel 2013 Files in Excel 2007
of the new Excel 2007 2013 file formats. The advantage is that when the file
is later opened on a machine running Excel 2013, the file is not forced into the
Compatibility mode.
Although Excel 2007 and 2013 seem fairly similar, Microsoft seems to
have a freer attitude about the incompatibilities between Excel 2007
and Excel 2013. Because the files are not displaying warnings when
opened in Excel 2007, there will probably be more serious problems
with people unknowingly losing features when opening their Excel 2013
files on their home PC with Excel 2007.
After you have the Compatibility Pack installed, follow these steps to
save files in an Excel 2007 2013 format:
11. Open or create a workbook in Excel 2002 or Excel 2003.
22. Select File, Save As. The Save As dialog appears.
33. Open the Save as Type drop-down and scroll to the bottom of the list.
Choose one of the Excel 12 file types.
44. Type a filename.
55. Click Save. Excel runs a converter to convert the workbook to the
chosen Excel 2013 format.
Opening Excel 2013 Files in Excel 2007
Although Excel 2007 through Excel 2013 support the same file formats, some
new Excel 2013 features do not work in Excel 2007.
Figure 7.10 shows the same workbook opened in Excel 2007. There is no warning
that you have lost any functionality, and the workbook is not forced into
Compatibility mode. However, the slicers are missing. The icon set happened
to be using an Excel 2013 icon style, so the icons are missing. The new Chart
Labels from the range are replaced with [LABELRANGE] .
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