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Building a Formula
about a pure mathematical formula that uses a value in a cell that s ad-
ded, subtracted, divided, or multiplied by a number or another cell.
Billions of variations of formulas can be used. Everyday life throws situ-
ations at you that can be solved with a formula. Keep these important points
in mind as you start tinkering with your own formulas:
Every formula starts with an equal sign.
Entering formulas is just like typing an equation in a calculator
with one exception (see the next point).
If one of the terms in your formula is already stored in a cell in Ex-
cel, you can point to that cell s address instead of typing the num-
ber into that cell. Using this method enables you to change the value
in one cell and then watch all the formulas recalculate. Excel 2013
adds a slot machine animation to show the cells in the visible
window that are recalculating as the result of changing a cell.
To illustrate these points, see the steps to building a basic formula included
in the following example.
Building a Formula
Building a Formula
You want to enter a formula to calculate a target sales price, as shown in
Figure 8.3 . Cell D2 shows the product cost. In column E, you want to calcu-
late the list price as two times the cost plus $3.
Figure 8.3.
Figure 8.3. The formula in cell E2 recalculates if the value in cell D2
The formula in cell E2 recalculates if the value in cell D2
To enter a formula, follow these steps:
11. Select cell E2.
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