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Enter Formulas Using the Mouse Method
Enter Formulas Using the Mouse Method
If you started using computers in the last 20 years, it is likely that you use
the mouse method for entering formulas. This method is intuitive, but it re-
quires you to move your hand between the keyboard and the mouse several
times, as in this example:
11. Type = or +.
22. Click in cell B2.
33. Type *.
44. Click in cell F1.
55. Press F4 to add the dollar signs.
66. Press Enter. This usually moves the cell pointer to cell F2.
If you have a desktop keyboard, you can use the asterisk key on the
numeric keypad to avoid pressing the Shift key.
This method requires only four keystrokes, but it requires you to move to the
mouse twice. Moving to the mouse is the slowest part of entering formulas,
but this method is easier than typing the entire formula if you are not a touch
If you use the mouse method to enter formulas, customize the Quick
Access Toolbar (QAT) to icons for Equal Sign, Plus Sign, Minus Sign,
Multiplication Sign, Division Sign, Exponentiation Sign, and Dollar
Sign. You can then enter most formulas without reaching back to the
keyboard. There isn t a QAT icon for the Enter key use the green
check mark to the left of the formula bar for Enter.
Entering Formulas Using the Arrow Key Method
Entering Formulas Using the Arrow Key Method
The arrow key method is popular with people who started using spreadsheets
in the days of Lotus 1-2-3 release 2.2. It is worthwhile to learn this method
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