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Use the Table Tool to Copy a Formula
Figure 8.27.
Figure 8.27. This is a typical worksheet in Excel.
This is a typical worksheet in Excel.
To define a range as a table, select a cell within the data set and press
Ctrl+T. Excel uses its IntelliSense to guess the edges of the table. If its
guess is correct, click OK in the Create Table dialog, as shown in Figure 8.28 .
Figure 8.28.
Figure 8.28. The Create Table dialog.
The Create Table dialog.
Ctrl+T is one of four entry points for creating a table. You can still use the
Excel 2003 shortcut of Ctrl+L. You can choose Format as Table on the Home
tab. You can choose the Table icon from the Insert tab.
As shown in Figure 8.29 , after Excel recognizes the range as a table, several
changes occur:
The table is formatted with the default formatting. Depending on your
preferences, this might include banded rows or columns.
AutoFilter drop-downs are added to the headings.
Any formulas you enter use the headings to refer to cells within the
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