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Automatically Formatting Formula Cells
Figure 9.17.
Figure 9.17. No formatting is applied to B3. Instead, Excel copies the format
No formatting is applied to B3. Instead, Excel copies the format
from cell A1 automatically.
from cell A1 automatically.
Note that the formatting is copied whether you use =A1+3 or =3+A1.
In Figure 9.17 , cell B3 is formatted automatically to match the only cell
mentioned in the formula. It becomes harder to predict the automatic format
when your formula refers to several cells, each with a different format.
Furthermore, the result changes if you start your formula with a plus sign
instead of an equal sign. Many people use the plus sign because it is easy
to type on the numeric keypad. However, Microsoft probably considers using
the plus sign as a Lotus transition issue and applies different rules.
In Figure 9.18 , cell A1 is formatted as currency with two decimal places.
Cell A3 is formatted as a number with three decimal places. Cell A5 is
formatted as a percent with no decimal places. Cells in columns C and F all
add the three original cells. Each formula specifies A1, A3, and A5 in a dif-
ferent sequence. Formulas in C were entered starting with a plus sign. For-
mulas in F were started with an equal sign.
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