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Using Formula Auditing Arrows
33. Visually check the formula to ensure that it is correct.
Using Formula Auditing Arrows
Using Formula Auditing Arrows
If you have a complicated formula, you might want to identify direct preced-
ents and then possibly second- or third-level precedents. You can have Ex-
cel draw arrows from the current cells to all cells that make up the pre-
cedents for the current cell. To have Excel draw arrows, follow these steps:
11. From the Formula Auditing group on the Formulas tab, click Trace
Precedents. Excel draws arrows from the current cell to all the
cells that are directly referenced in the formula. For example, in
Figure 9.29 , an arrow is drawn to a worksheet icon near cell B30. This
indicates that at least one of the precedents for this cell is on an-
other worksheet.
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