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The Formulas Tab in Excel 2013
Chapters 11 through 15 cover all 463 functions. This chapter covers
a number of the most commonly used functions.
The arguments for a function should be entered in the correct order, as spe-
cified in this topic or Excel Help. For example, the PMT() function expects the
arguments to have the interest rate first, followed by the number of periods,
followed by the present value. If you attempt to send the arguments in the
wrong order, Excel happily calculates the wrong result.
In many cases, you can enter arguments as numbers or as cell references.
For example, all these formulas are valid:
Excel functions can return a number of errors. This happens most
frequently when one of the arguments passed to the function is outside
the range of what the function expects. When you receive a #NUM!,
#VALUE!, or #N/A error, you should look in Excel Help for the func-
tion. The Remarks section usually indicates exactly what problems
can cause each type of error.
The Formulas Tab in Excel 2013
The Formulas Tab in Excel 2013
One way to find functions in Excel 2013 is on the Formulas tab. This tab of-
fers the Insert Function, AutoSum, Recently Used, Financial, Logical, Text,
Date & Time, Lookup & Reference, Math & Trig, and More Functions icons.
As shown in Figure 10.1 , when you click the More Functions icon, a drop-down
with six additional function groups Statistical, Engineering, Cube, Informa-
tion, Compatibility, and Web appears.
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