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Using the Insert Function Dialog to Find Functions
By the way, you can click the formula tooltip and drag it to a new
location on the worksheet. This can be useful if the tooltip is cover-
ing cells that you need to click when building the function.
If you click the function name in the tooltip, Excel opens Help for that
To accept a function name from the list, you can either double-click the
function name or select the name and press Tab.
Using the Insert Function Dialog to Find Functions
At the bottom of every list of functions is an icon for Insert Function. To
access the Insert Function dialog, you can also use the small fx button to
the left of the formula bar, the More Functions option at the bottom of the
AutoSum drop-down, or the large Function Wizard button on the Formulas
tab. With 15 ways to access the Function Wizard, Microsoft is telling you
that this is a good way to find functions.
Choosing any of these options to open the Function Wizard causes the Insert
Function dialog to appear.
In the Excel 2003 version of the Function Wizard, Microsoft added a handy
search utility. For example, if you typed Loan Payment and then clicked Go,
Excel would suggest PMT (the correct function) as well as PPMT, ISPMT,
RATE, and others. The search functionality was a fantastic addition to Ex-
cel 2003 and should be your first stop when trying to find a function in Excel
When you choose a function in the Insert Function dialog, the dialog displays
the syntax for the function, as well as a one-sentence description of the
function, as shown in Figure 10.4 . If you need more details, you can click the
Help on This Function hyperlink in the lower-left corner of the Insert Func-
tion dialog.
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