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Using On-Grid Tooltips
As shown in Figure 10.6 , the Function Arguments dialog has many elements:
The one-sentence description of the function appears in the center of
the dialog.
As you tab into the text box for each argument, the description of the
argument is shown in the dialog. This description guides you as to what
Excel is expecting. For example, in the dialog shown in Figure 10.6 , Ex-
cel reminds you that the interest rate needs to be divided by four for
quarterly payments. This reminds you to divide the rate in cell B3 by
12 for monthly payments.
To the right of each argument in the dialog is a reference button. You
can click this button to collapse the dialog so you can point to the
cells for that argument.
To the right of each text box is a label that shows the result of the
entry for that argument.
Any arguments in bold are required. Arguments not in bold are option-
After you enter the required arguments, the dialog shows the prelim-
inary result of the formula. This is on the right side, just below the
last argument text box. It appears again in the lower-left corner, just
above the Help on This Function hyperlink.
A Help on This Function hyperlink to the Help topic for the function
appears in the lower-left corner of the dialog.
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